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THAIFEX Trade Shows
A unique concept of THAIFEX, 11 trade shows in one, showcases a unified F&B industry through a diversity of products.
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Coffee and Tea
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Hot beverages, especially coffee and tea, have been seeing scores of fans returning to the traditional cuppa.

From beans to equipment, leaves to cup, the business opportunities for coffee and tea remain robust.

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THAIFEX Drinks, encompassing both non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, continues its foothold as a growing trend as demand sees an upward swing.

Alongside with China, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Thailand, and Vietnam are among the key growth markets and are predicted to be the top ten increment volume providers by 2021. Packaged water and bulk or home and office delivery (HOD) water, will be the primary driver of incremental volume growth across all these markets, reflecting a growing global health trend but also the opportunities offered by the lack of good quality tap water in emerging markets. (Source)

Fine Food
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The largest trade fair under THAIFEX-World of Food Asia, THAIFEX Fine Food offers the widest selection of delicatessen, gourmet, and basic food.

THAIFEX Fine Food offers business owners and their business partners an important platform for the food and beverage industry. Occupying the largest area within THAIFEX-World of Food Asia, this trade show is a must-visit for fine food producers and importers.

Food Technology
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The trade show that moves towards digitalization of the food supply chain is here to stay.

Technology will continue to impact the F&B industry, from automation to digitalization of the entire supply chain.

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The trade fair for the out-of-home market unites equipment, technology and culinary delights for the region and export.

The Asia-Pacific region will be one of the most coveted areas for foodservice operators. According to Euromonitor International, Asia-Pacific’s foodservice sales will rise in the next five years by 38.7% to US$1.5 trillion in 2019. “Prospects across the region remain bright, as local dining traditions and strong income growth fuel expansion (with) local players — chains and independents — leading the way, as upwardly-mobile Asian consumers seek to combine the sophisticated and the familiar.” - Euromonitor International’s Michael Schaefer

Frozen Food
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Large freezers for the home are becoming a thing of the past. The trend in private households is towards smaller packaging and less food stored at home.

The out-of-home market forms the fastest growing segment in the frozen food sector too. Above all, convenience products, as well as small, ready-to-serve portions, are gaining ground here.

Fruits & Vegetables
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The shift towards wellness and nutrition is placing a stronger emphasis on the fruits and vegetables sector.

The worldwide focus on sustainability and food safety is placing a stronger than ever pressure on the fruits and vegetables industry. Natural and organic, imported and locally sourced are some of the solutions you will find at THAIFEX Fruits & Vegetables.

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Experience the all-encompassing meat trade fair, covering all trends and the sectors meat, sausage, and poultry.

'Meat' the latest innovators and traders in the meat and poultry sectors.

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THAIFEX Rice remains an integral part as new varietals are introduced to meet the challenges from today's consumers.

Rice is a staple for nearly half of the world’s seven billion people. However, more than 90% of this rice is consumed in Asia, where it is a staple for a majority of the population.

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THAIFEX Seafood stresses on fresh products from the sea and farmed crustaceans.

The global demand for seafood continues to streamline towards Asia, with her growing appetite for high-quality products and consumer enthusiasm for seafood.

Sweets and Confectionery
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THAIFEX Sweets & Confectionery, picking up the current trend on snacks and confectionery, offers one of the widest range of products and innovations.

Here you will find the private labels and major brands leading the industry.

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